What is the process of bag air filter?

What processes do bag air filters need to confirm? According to the structure, the filter can be divided into a number of types, bag filter is one of them.
Then in the purchase of bag filter screen need to confirm the process of what?

Filter efficiency: This point is mainly for the medium effect bag filter. Many friends are clear that the medium effect filter is usually there are many different colors, this is not only for the sake of beauty, but also through the bag color to show the filtering efficiency of this filter. Generally speaking, the filtration efficiency represented by the white filter is F5, that is, 40-60%; Green filter represents the filtering efficiency of F6, that is, 60-80%; Pink filter represents the filtering efficiency of F7, that is, 80-90%; The filtering efficiency of the yellow filter is F8, that is, 90-95%. The filtering efficiency of the yellow and white filter is F9, that is, 95-98%. Size According to the size of the air purification system, the size of the bag filter screen is different.

Broadly speaking, it includes width * length * bag depth * thickness. Specifically, it can also include the number of bags, rated air volume, etc. If you need some more special size or specifications can also be put forward, so that bag filter manufacturers according to demand. Frame material bag filter frame is mostly metal frame structure, on this basis there may be a variety of different materials, including double U-shaped aluminum frame, galvanized iron frame and so on.

The bag is held open by a support grille locked in a U-shaped frame. The adjacent grille quietly presses the mouth of the bag and locks it with a special knot, which can prevent the bag from falling off and being damaged during the process of handling by the filter. All metal frames of the filter are rolled inside to avoid scratches during the process of filter installation and replacement. The bag material can be divided into different functions according to the different filter materials in the bag filter. For example, the bag type activated carbon filter filter bag is made of high adsorption of activated carbon fiber and filter cotton, surface adsorption capacity is strong, low resistance, can effectively control the odor and organic pollutants in the air, very suitable for use in paint spray workshop and other smelly places.

If there is no special need, the filter material of the bag filter is generally high quality fluffy artificial fiber, and more than one layer. The priority layer is generally used to filter large particulate impurities in the air, and the second fine layer is mainly used for the stability of the Zengjiang filter, and filter small particles. With this design, the filter resistance can be reduced, the dust capacity can be increased, and the service life can be extended.

If you have specific needs for some of these processes, you can also put forward to the manufacturer to find corresponding products or customized.

Post time: Jun-03-2019